Pezo Import AB

For an organic and fair world

About Pezo Import AB

Pezo Import is your bridge to direct trading with Peruvian Coffee farmer cooperatives.

For coffee importers we:

  • Carefully selected cooperatives; we have a strong personal relationship with the people we collaborate with, we are familiar with the areas and know that coffee is produced with the outmost care for the environment and the local community.
  • Secure the quality of the coffee before the shipment leaves Peru
  • Offer you direct access to the cooperative of your choice
  • Source any special quality, grade or type coffee you require
  • Guarantee that you deal directly with the Coffee Producers
  • Enable you to source Single Estate coffee and offer unique flavours and high quality coffee

For the Coffee Cooperatives we:

  • Provide a sales channel that they do not otherwise have access to
  • Gain access to the Northern European market where Peruvian coffee is currently under supplied
  • Match their coffee offer with the right importer
  • Safeguard direct trade between the cooperative and the final coffee manufacturer
  • Secure the individual smallholding farmer a fair price for coffee grown
  • Permit the cooperative to achieve and maintain relevant certifications like Fair Trade and Organic
  • The cooperative only pays Pezo Import for our marketing services if we are successful in matching them with a Scandinavian importer, so there is no risk, financial or otherwise, to the cooperative or its member farmers, only opportunity…

Sustainability Certifications

There are 3 major sustainability certifications: FairTrade, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ (Utz Kapeh). They all work to promote a better life for producers in developing countries through fair prices, direct trade and community development and sustainable farm development and management.

AMOKKA collaboration with Pezo Import

AMOKKA has purchased coffee from Peru through Pezo Import during the past 2 years, and we are very enthusiastic about the collaboration. We have received 2 containers, both organic and Fair Trade certification. All coffee purchased is from cooperatives and of very good and uniform quality.

Meet our partner Cooperatives

Rio Negro Coop

Rio Negro Coop

Satipo, Junín, Peru

Established 2011, 300 member families of which 40 are Asháninca, one of Peru’s indigenous communities.


Coop Arm

Amazonas, Peru

Established in 1990, the 144 members of Coop Arm is a major change agent in the development of the region of Rodrigues de Mendoza.



Cajamarca, Peru

Founded as an NGO in 2004, commercial coop since 2014. 159 members of which 29 women.

Eco Vrae

Eco Vrae

Junín, Peru

The Vrae Valley is the home of the most concentrated coca leaf production in Peru, and remain one of the poorest areas in the country.



Puno, Peru

This union was created by 5 cooperatives in 1970, and today counts 4500 farmers in 8 cooperatives. Cecovasa produces 2% of the total Peruvian coffee production.