Our partners: The smallholder coffee farmer and Cooperatives

A total of 330.000 hectares (3300 km2) of land is dedicated to coffee production in Peru, and of that area, 85% is cultivated by smallholder farmers which each administer less than 5 hectares (5000 m2) Most smallholder farmers are indigenous to the land, and speak Spanish as a second language

The typical smallholding coffee farmer has no bargaining power against big corporations, professional traders and exporting companies. For the individual Peruvian coffee farmer, joining a cooperative is currently the only viable option to achieve a fair price.

Over the past 10- 15 years, Peru has witnessed a significant growth in Cooperatives of smallholder farmers, and it is estimated that roughly 25% of small coffee farmers now belong to a Cooperative.

Belonging to a Cooperative gives the small coffee farmer access to technical aid, logistic support, training and education, and more importantly, opens doors to a coffee trading platform that is otherwise unattainable, and not least access to certification programs like Organic and Fair Trade.

Therefore, trading directly with a Cooperative is the most transparent way for you as a coffee importer to secure a high quality coffee at a competitive price, while at the same time securing that the coffee farmer receives a fair payment for his or her crop.